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International Quality

More than just a slogan, 'GEDORE TOOLS - INTERNATIONAL QUALITY' is a commitment that Gedore Brasil makes a point of honoring and performing.

Gedore takes the technical perfection of its tools very seriously and is constantly investing in the improvement of its Quality Control system, through the introduction of advanced equipment and techniques, which comply entirely with the most rigid international standards.

The environment is also a constant concern. Therefore, Gedore has an effluent treatment system, in accordance with the Environmental preservation Plan.


Gedore Brasil aims to develop, produce, and commercialize high-quality tools, mechanical components and services, in a continuous growth to make human activities easier whilst respecting people and the environment.

Quality Policy

THE QUALITY POLICY of Ferramentas Gedore do Brasil S.A. is to win internal and external customers through the quality excellence of its products, processes, and services, thus optimizing their performance and suitability to use.

The continuous quality development, in an environment of security and reliability, is a permanent goal of all the collaborators in our organization. The company's management is committed to providing the adequate resources and the necessary support to all its collaborators so that this policy may be implemented.


Ferramentas Gedore do Brasil S.A. has a strong presence on the international market, exporting to almost all countries in South America, Central America, North America and the Caribbean. Gedore products can also be found in several countries throughout Europe, Africa and the Far East. These markets are the focus of other companies of the Gedore Group.

In this way, Gedore does its very best to meet all the customers' requirements, offering them a swift delivery service, competitive prices, and technical assistance.

Gedore is recognized all over the world as a supplier of tools for professional application. Therefore, it seeks to offer the market a diversified line of products that are translated into solutions to each and every customer's needs, no matter where they are.

For this reason, Gedore tools can be found in many Brazilian and foreign companies, in various fields of business, such as automotive industries, automotive parts, mechanical workshops, aviation, heavy transport, agricultural machinery, energy, telecommunications, civil construction, oil companies, and others.

Gedore has extended its focus on the international market, following the globalization trend, and showing to the world the quality of the Gedore brand, and above all the quality of the Brazil brand.

A Portuguese language brochure is available.

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