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VASI, Torqueleader’s official torque tool distributor in Norway. Supplying torque wrenches, screwdrivers, measurement and test equipment.



Postboks 84 Holmlia
1201 Oslo

Ravnåsveien 3
1254 Oslo

Tel: + 47 (0) 2319 1880
Tel/Fax: + 47 (0) 2261 4281
Fax: + 47 (0) 9217 15447

Daglig Leder
Frode Lund 920 17 279
Email: frode@vasi.no

Teknisk Sjef

Aksel Bråthen 920 40 539
Email: aksel@vasi.no
Website: www.vasi.no

Verktøy AS Industri was founded in 1979 and is a family owned business.

It's mission statement simply defines it's activity and business, which is to provide torque solutions in the form of standard or customised, tools and test systems to its clients. Verktøy has its own calibration lab which can do up to 5000 Lbf Ft primary class calibration (beams and weights) and up to 100000 Nm calibration on electronic traceable transducer calibration.

Verktøy is located just outside Oslo in its own premises consisting of 450 square metres stock, office and lab space. Verktøy has a network of 32 dealers spread around the country.

Over recent years the competition has increased through the establishment of pan- Scandinavian catalogue companies based on logistical advantages. This has forced Verktøy to specialise and become a much more technologically based company compared to its former role as "just" an importer and distributor of standard torque products.

The company is especially known for sub-sea tooling systems, based around Norbar gear-& verification systems, and have been involved with every major offshore development on the Norwegian part of the international continental shelf. The company is formed on a working profile of 2 office based employees, 1 engineer and sales consultant and 1 salesman. The company has a relatively high level of educational and vocational skills. Our staff holds University degrees in Engineering, Business/marketing Studies and high rated DVQ equivalent skill certificates (e.g in welding, milling etc).

Data: 2014
Last year turnover:43 Million Kroner
No of employees: 6
Owner Managing Director: Frode Lund

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