Torque Calibration

ISO-A Torque Loading System

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Key Benefits of Torque Wrench Tester:

Eliminates the human element from testing

  • Calibration of Torque Wrenches made easy with our versatile and precise ISO Torque Loading Systems which minimise the possibility of human error.
  • 1400:1 Gearbox requires low operator effort therefore torques as high as 1500Nm can be achieved with ease.
  •  Adaptable and easy adjustment system to suit the individual Torque Wrench being calibrated.
  •  Meeting the International Standard ISO 6789:2003 for Calibration of Torque Wrenches.
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    Maximum Capacity Maximum Capacity Maximum Tool Length  
Order Code Model ISO Imperial mm kg
014400 Torque Master ISO-A Torque Loading System 30 N.m 22 lbf.ft 300 8.75
D18204 E-tp Mounting Kit 30 N.m 22 lbf.ft 300 1.60
D18205 CAPTURE Sensor & CAPTURE Hub ISO-A Mount 30 N.m 22 lbf.ft 300 3.40

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