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KAVON s.r.o

KAVON s.r.o

Mikulovicka 2642
530 02 Pardubice

Tel: + 42 0 466 797 511
Fax: + 42 0 466 797 520
Email: info@kavon.cz
Website: www.kavon.cz

Kavon is Gedore Torque's main torque tool distributor in the Czech Republic. Click here for any further enquires. 

A Czech language brochure is available.

KAVON s.r.o. was founded in June 1991 by Jaroslav and Zdenek Novak. The basic goal and philosophy of this firm is to offer high quality tools, machines, equipment and modern technology for all craftsmen and manufacturing organizations.

Kavon are able to guarantee required parameters of the products sold, their operational reliability and to ensure after sales service at the required level.KAVON established a torque calibration laboratory in 1998, and offer a full calibration and repair service for torque control products.




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