A major job on a Morris Minor

A major job on a Morris Minor

Robert Dillon has been a toolmaker at Torqueleader for eight years. His job involves making the prototype parts for all the different tools for the R&D department. In his spare time however, he has taken on a rather larger project - completely rebuilding a 1958 black Morris Minor.

Repairing a car like this has always been something Robert was keen to do, and when a friend's father died, his car, which had been left undriven for quite a while previously, needed to be sold. Robert bought it, envisaging around eighteen months of local welding repairs to the rather rusty bodywork; this has now turned into a major structural rebuild with no foreseeable end date!

Currently the car is a bare shell and Robert is about three quarters of the way through the welding. He has repaired the front chassis legs and engine bay floor, and put in a new rear chassis leg, boot floor, boot closing aperture, large areas of the floor on the driver's side and all mountings on the rear suspension springs. He's now working on the right hand sill including the hinge pillar for the front door and a new cross member end; the next job is to do the same on the left side.

Robert is also intending to modify the original model a bit. He will upgrade the brakes, the suspension with a front anti-roll bar and radius bars on the rear. He's also going to lower the suspension. The engine will be rebored from 1000 to 1400cc.

The car is currently housed in Robert's garage. He thinks it will probably take another five years on and off to complete the rebuild, after which he's looking forward to taking his pristine vintage Morris Minor out on the road!

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