A model occupation

A model occupation

Ian Roberts is a Paint Sprayer/Assembler and has worked at GTL for 22 years. In his spare time he enjoys making military models of any era, having first become interested in model-making when he was seven years old and had to make an Airfix Mini as a project for a Cub Scout badge. As a boy, he would spend all his spare pocket money buying models from Woolworths.

His main interest is in model aeroplanes, although he also makes tanks and cars. He works in any scale from 1:72 to 1:24 and usually has four on the go at any one time, frequently adding after-market accessories for extra authenticity and interest. His favourite model so far is one he made of a Russian transport aircraft, the AN124, in 1:144 which is a smaller scale than usual. It's a very large plane so even with the smaller scale it was still two feet long.

Ian belongs to a UK branch of the International Plastic Modelling Society, which meets monthly in Farnborough and has competition classes at each meeting to enable members to exhibit their models. Ian has won a couple of trophies in these classes. The first was the Antipodean Trophy, which was for any model from Australia or New Zealand, and which was presented to the club by a member who moved to Australia and joined the Australian Air Force. Ian won this with a model of a Hawker Sea Fury in 1:48 scale.

He has also won the Wattisham Trophy, which was given to the club by two members who used to be stationed at RAF Wattisham. His winning model was an F3 Lightning in the markings of 56 Squadron which used to fly from Wattisham.

Ian has around 400 models at home still to be made, which are currently taking up space in two wardrobes, so he's unlikely to run out in the near future!

The picture shows a Sea Hurricane Mark 2, 1:72 scale.







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