An exact fit

An exact fit

Technical Manager David Broadhead (pictured) was recently called in to Vickers Oils, a Leeds-based independent company which specialises in the development, manufacture and worldwide marketing of an extensive range of technical lubricants for the textile and marine industries.

Vickers needed advice on suitable tooling to use when tightening oil drum closures. They had been using standard 'click type' torque wrenches with adjustable scale, but had realised that these were not ideal for the job as they could not guarantee that the tools were not being accidentally adjusted, or that operators would not apply incorrect torque in error to the closure.

David was able to introduce them to Torqueleader's TSN range of Slipper Wrenches, and to demonstrate that this type of tool would ensure accurate process control. These wrenches utilise Torqueleader's unique slipping technology, which eliminates the risk of both over and under tightening, and is virtually tamper-proof with regard to accidental adjustment.

Following the demonstration, David was delighted to supply Vickers with slipper wrenches and an electronic calibration device.

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