Bev's edible trees

Bev's edible trees

Bev Woodley works in the despatch department at Torqueleader, and has been with us for a year. Outside work however, she has a small business making and selling 'sweet trees'. You may not have come across a sweet tree before - the ones Bev makes are around 14 or 15 inches tall, with a dowelling trunk and 'leaves' made of any kind of sweets, either wrapped or unwrapped, all beautifully decorated and ideal as presents for any sort of occasion.

Bev has always been interested in crafts, and initially began making the sweet trees for family and friends. A friend of her sister's asked her to make one as an end-of-term present for a teacher at her child's school, and after that Bev was inundated with requests. She has been making them for three years, and as well as making them to order, she sells them at Christmas fairs and other events.

Each tree takes about an hour to make, although it depends on the type of sweet used.  Wrapped ones can be attached with glue, but unwrapped ones have to be stuck on with cocktail sticks and this can be a fiddly job!

The trees range in price from around £10 to £25 depending on the size and the type of sweets used, and Bev is currently busy working on all her orders for Christmas!

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