Changes to our screwdriver range

Changes to our screwdriver range

If you buy Gedore Torque branded aluminium screwdrivers, there are some significant changes coming up during 2016.

Hopefully many of you will have read the email we sent round last month with our 2016 price list. If you didn’t, there is a link to it from the front page of this newsletter. In the email accompanying the list, we announced that we are making some changes to our consistently popular screwdriver range. Here's a quick summary of the changes, which will not apply if you buy own brand products.

Following considerable market research, we have decided to withdraw all square drive screwdrivers. In order to offer our customers a more flexible tool solution, we are instead going to be providing all female hex screwdrivers with a square drive adaptor, free of charge (see photo). This change comes into effect from January 2016, and we’re sure that what is in effect a ‘two-for-one’ screwdriver will be as much in demand as the previous ones. All our screwdrivers come with Gedore Torque’s unique slipping technology which eliminates the possibility of over or under tightening, thus ensuring complete accuracy.

We have attached a table which will tell you exactly what is changing and what isn't. Click the link below to see this information.

If you have any queries or would like to know more, please contact


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