Channelling comedy

Channelling comedy

Jake Tennent is GTL's Sales and Support Co-ordinator; you may well have spoken to him as he liaises with our customers and distributors, keeping everyone up to date with the progress of their repairs.

When he's not ensuring that GTL's external communication runs smoothly, Jake spends his free time working on his YouTube channel – TennentSpace. It gives a comedy slant on alternative news stories which, for reasons which become obvious, aren't widely reported! Recent stories included a man living as a goat, the founding of a new political party devoted entirely to pizza, some unusual underwear and a man who set a new world record for floating down a river in a pumpkin (26 miles in case you were wondering).

Jake also writes monologues and adds other occasional content such as a recent foray into male versus female pumpkin carving with his wife Amy, with interesting (and somewhat messy) results. He started TennentSpace in 2013 but was interested in filming from a young age when he started making and presenting videos with an old webcam. Currently he makes two videos a week for his channel, which are usually about two to three minutes long. It takes him around two to three hours to write a script, an hour to film and then a couple of hours to edit.  He has recently hit 160 subscribers and would be delighted to have some more!

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