Complete wrench redesign

Complete wrench redesign

GTL undertakes a continual programme of development and improvement across our tool ranges to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry. This year focus has been on the TSC Adjustable Slipping Torque Wrench and the TSP Preset Slipping Torque Wrench.The TSP will become part of the TSN family with this update and will inherit the TSN name.

Widely used in the aerospace, electronics, automotive and consumer products industries, these wrenches currently cover the torque range of 1 - 10 N.m and are compact, light and versatile. They are one of our most popular ranges and we sell in excess of 5000 a year, to customers including high end manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Development of the new TSC/N wrenches was started last autumn by Matt Conacher (Mechanical Design Engineer) with a view to reinforcing their already renowned repeatability and reliability, and with our customers' needs very much to the forefront. Every component of the original design has been updated and modernised; the highlights are as follows:

1. The heads can now be made in-house for better control over the quality of the finished product.

2. A new softer reset cam profile is used to improve tool life even further.

3. The bearing assembly is currently very complicated as there are 120 ball bearings in each head, which means a lengthy assembly time. These bearings were replaced with single-piece injection moulded polymer bearings which are very low maintenance and wear; they were tested for 100,000 operations with nearly no wear. The two polymer bearings in the new heads (see pic) mean the head is far more stable with minimal moving parts, hugely improved concentricity and durability. In addition, the head is far more repeatable in use.

4. The tool is now 100% user serviceable. Whereas previously the wrenches had to be sent back for service or repair, everything in the head can now be accessed and regreased by the user. The entire tool can be dismantled with one allen key if necessary.

Matt is confident that following rigorous testing, the revamped TSN Preset Slipping Torque Wrench should now be able to provide a lower torque reading of 0.5 N.m due to tightly controlled component parts being used throughout the tool to maintain its repeatability. The TSC will also benefit from a more readable scale for greater certainty of measurement. They will be simpler in application, more robust and more user-friendly. The elegant new design will also bring them right up to date in appearance.

Like our current wrenches, the improved versions will be fully EPA compliant, and they will retain GTL's unique slipping technology which ensures the elimination of the dangers of over tightening.

Production samples are currently being produced for testing, and the launch of this new generation of our wrench range is due to take place in the New Year. If you'd like any further information about this, contact We're sure there will be a huge amount of interest, so make sure your order is in as early as possible!

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