Farewell to David Parsley

 What have been the high and low points of your time at Torqueleader?

The success of the Capture system has been the high point, because it's one of our first projects to be designed with the customer at the centre of the entire process. The fact that it's exceeded sales expectations has validated this approach and it's been a valuable exercise in consolidating our customers' needs and expectations from the beginning of the process.

The low point has got to be the global financial crisis in 2009, for all sorts of reasons but mainly because of the dreadful uncertainty which affected every aspect of every business. None of us in the industry had experienced a worldwide recession of this scale before, with the economy headlining every day, banks being bailed out, and every industry fighting for survival. I had many sleepless nights that year!

What would you pick out as the biggest change in the firm during your tenure?

Undoubtedly the biggest change is the way the company has had to grow into a highly organised and modern firm. When I took over, the internet was still in its infancy, and marketing through the internet was untried. The business world is altering dramatically and it doesn't ask our permission! We have learnt to observe and respond, and I think we do it well.

What are you most proud of achieving?

Being able to change the company culture from being engineering-led to being customer-led. Previously we would come up with an idea, sketch it out and make it. Now we carry out specific market research, undertake studies understanding customers' needs, and consider visuals, distribution channels, discounts and marketing. It means we spend our time producing tools which are likely to be successful because we understand the needs of our customers much better.

What was your most memorable overseas trip?

I've been lucky enough to travel to many parts of the world, and it would be impossible to pick one out, but what I will always remember is the fantastic hospitality I've had from our customers, distributors and suppliers.

What will you miss most about Torqueleader?

The great friends I've made, within MHH, at Gedore and from our customer base. I'll also miss my eight minute commute!

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