Farewell to Debbie and Gordon

Farewell to Debbie and Gordon

This summer sees the retirement of two of our long-serving screwdriver assembly workers, Debbie Lilley and Gordon Harris. If you have ordered our screwdrivers, the chances are they will have been assembled under Debbie's eagle eye.

Debbie joined Torqueleader in October 1996 as an assembler, and retired at the end of June as the Supervisor for screwdriver assembly, a job she has been doing for thirteen years. She prides herself on being a perfectionist and insists on precision, right down to the last tool label. She has enjoyed her role in spite of the stress when several large orders all need to be completed within tight deadlines, but Debbie says that her conscientious team always rises to the occasion. She recalls hectic times working round the clock and coming in at weekends when orders have been particularly numerous, and on one occasion in winter walking to work when the roads were impassable and arriving looking like a snowman after a headlong fall in the snow!

Debbie will be joining a gym on her retirement and intends to get there at 6.15 am to go swimming. She's also hoping to spend more time crafting, particularly découpage and making cards which are often requested by friends and family, growing vegetables, and babysitting for her three-year-old great-nephew. Her main interest though is music. Debbie, who sings, and her husband Derek, who plays the saxophone, can frequently be seen at local gigs, and she's looking forward to having more time to learn new songs, usually old time, jazz and country and western.

Gordon Harris has worked at Torqueleader for nine and a half years on screwdriver assembly. He is going to miss the camaraderie of the workshop and all the banter, which has made it a great place to work, but admits he won't miss having to get up at 5 am in the middle of the winter and ride his bike to work in the dark and the freezing cold, including the occasional snowstorm. For those readers who haven't visited our factory, the site is down a narrow country lane which becomes very treacherous in icy weather and certainly not conducive to cycling!

Gordon loves to travel and is looking forward to visiting more European cities to indulge his interests in architecture and photography, as well as the mountains of Switzerland and Austria where he enjoys the Alpine flora. He has a big trip to the U.S. planned for next year to visit some of the National Parks. He is keen on growing cacti, and will now have more time to attend to his five greenhouses which are all full of them!  He intends to see plenty of his new granddaughter who lives in Northern Ireland, and researching his family tree is also on the agenda, particularly the war record of his grandfather who came through all the major events of the First World War from 1916 to the end.

Both Debbie and Gordon have given Torqueleader many years of service and they will be much missed by all their friends here. We hope that they'll both come back and visit from time to time as long as it isn't snowing!

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