Find out about some of the Losomat tools

Find out about some of the Losomat tools

As you know, in the Spring we announced that Losomat UK, a sister company within the Gedore Group, was to be incorporated with Gedore Torque Ltd. By the end of the summer, the Losomat UK operation had been successfully integrated within GTL at our premises in Surrey, including all servicing and repair of Losomat products which moved under the aegis of our state-of-the-art in-house Service Centre. Having helped to ensure a smooth handover, Ian Wilson, Losomat UK's General Manager, has moved on, and the GTL team is now fully conversant with the Losomat product range, such as the LKV Hand Torque Multiplier pictured here.

Our confidence that we would find the two companies a perfect match has been borne out, as we share the Gedore commitment to excellence and, in addition, our tools span almost completely different torque ranges, so the amalgamation has strengthened our expertise and enabled us to offer a considerably wider range of tools to our customers and distributors.

Losomat UK had been part of the Gedore Group since 2008. Like GTL, the company manufactured high quality torque tools, but specialised in high level bolting technology for larger torques ranging from 500 - 20,000 N.m. These are supplied to a wide range of industries including power stations, wind farms, nuclear power, the railways, London Underground, and Siemens.

Now that the incorporation has been completed, we would like to let our customers and distributors know a bit more about the benefits of this exciting new product range. The tools mentioned below will be available to order from January 2017, and we know our customers will find many practical and convenient applications for them.

The Cordless Torque Wrench is one of the most popular and versatile tools. With a torque range of up to 6,000 N.m., it is the first wrench of its kind to generate precise torques up to this value without slip coupling and impact mechanism. Due to the powerful lithium ion battery, applications at high levels and in confined spaces are easy as no power cables, hydraulic or compressed air hoses are necessary.

The wrench contains Gedore-patented switch-off electronics with microprocessor control, which allows the tightening torque for each bolting operation to be precisely maintained, and ensures stable torque accuracy over the entire discharging cycle of the battery. These batteries also operate far longer than nickel-cadmium batteries, and  they operate with uniform peak performance until they are fully discharged, thus saving operator time.

In addition, the microprocessor prevents gear damage when loosening hard bolted connections. The low-backlash gear, in a housing of high performance aluminium, was especially developed for this series of wrenches.  We are sure that this powerful and practical tool will be an essential addition to your collection.

GTL will also be offering  a number of manual tool solutions in the New Year. A torque multiplier is probably the simplest device in high level torque bolting technology, but here it has been reinvented with a 30% lighter housing which is still as stalwart. Also, the ceramic-Teflon coating enables minimum device lubrication, as the unit operates independently of the outside temperature. The reaction arm is equipped with a patented hold function which prevents the gear teeth from slipping, and is even more stable due to shape and materials which were selected following extensive force distribution analysis. These multipliers can be ordered in various torque ranges to suit customers' specific needs.

The final tool to which we would like to draw your attention is the Counter Wrench, with its unique patented mechanism which ensures correct and problem free function in applications which can be extremely dangerous when counter-holding while a bolted connection is being tightened. Equipped with the appropriate insert, the device utilises a thrust bearing and absorbs the driving torque with the integrated mechanics. Following completion of the bolting operation, a simple press of the lever enables the Counter Wrench to be rapidly and easily released.

All these tools can be ordered with various accessories to enable complete customisation. We are delighted to be able to offer these superb tools under the GTL label, and we are looking forward to demonstrating to you how they can enhance your business capability.

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