From teeth to turbines . . . . .

From teeth to turbines . . . . .

Ken has always worked for manufacturers, and dealt mainly with hand tools from staple guns to large torque tools. His sales area is the south of England up roughly as far as Birmingham, and he is also responsible for Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, India, Brazil and Iran.

He has been getting to know the wide variety of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and end users which make up Torqueleader's customer base, and is keen to develop business, make contacts and ensure that firms in these areas are informed about products both old and new.

Recently he has been to a company in Cambridgeshire which makes glass x-ray plates for the dental industry. This is a delicate operation involving using Torqueleader screwdrivers to insert the screws into the glass plates and then tightening them to the desired torque without damaging the very fragile glass.

At the other end of the scale, Ken has visited a manufacturer in Denmark which produces blades for the country's wind farms and which uses Torqueleader tools to ensure an accurate result. Close to, these turbines are vast, with the cooling units on top about four metres high and the giant blades between forty and fifty metres long.

Outside work, Ken is heavily involved in football. He's a level 3 tutor and an independent panel member for the Football Association, as well as being a referee and mentor. He also plays village cricket for Wargrave in Berkshire.

If there is anything Ken could help you with, contact him on 01483 894476.

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