Further news about the Capture Hub

Further news about the Capture Hub

You will hopefully have read in our Summer newsletter about the latest addition to our world class Capture system range of torque analysers, which we will be launching in the New Year.

The Capture Hub is a lineside power tool torque analyser aimed primarily at the industrial power tool market, but equally useful for checking any type of torque tool. It can be used as a stand alone piece of equipment or in conjunction with the Capture system. It has all the advantages of the current Capture Display with regard to storing data, will work with any hand or power tool, and is exceptionally accurate, reliable and intuitive.

Since our last update on its progress in June, it has undergone eight weeks of rigorous testing. We have integrated the Capture Manager software seamlessly with the Capture Hub to allow the same efficient data management and generation of Calibration Certificates as with Capture Display. The assembly process has been established and all required tooling is being manufactured in preparation for the production stage. The picture shows Mawuli Austin, Calibration Technician, calibrating a Capture Hub.

Initial testing is looking very promising and we are delighted with the Capture Hub's high quality construction and sleek appearance as well as the highly anticipated added functionality.

We will be providing a rundown fixture with each Capture Hub, for the torque testing of power tools. There will be three models of this fixture to go with each of the three Capture Hub torque ranges which run from 0.2 N.m. to 25 N.m. These will be offered with maximum flexibility for end users to customise for their specific applications.

System calibration will be undertaken in the next few weeks as part of the full assembly process. We will then complete the internal beta testing before asking for feedback from some customers who already use the Capture System and are interested in the Hub.

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