Going fishing

Going fishing

Norman Royston took over as supervisor on our screwdriver assembly last July, having previously worked on the shop floor, and is in charge of two teams producing all the screwdrivers.

In his spare time, however, he is a keen fisherman, a hobby he has kept up since he first took to a rod as a teenager in 1967. He has always loved the outdoor life and being around lakes and rivers, and started off fishing for roach and rudd which got him hooked. In 1971 he began specialising in carp on which he has concentrated ever since.

Norman began fishing with an old-fashioned split cane rod, which he no longer has - a shame as they are now worth a lot of money and very collectable! He has owned around 25 sets of three rods over the years and has invested a good sum to keep his equipment up to date.

He does a lot of his fishing while on holidays in France, usually at a five acre lake which he hires near Le Mans. You can hear the noise of the cars on the race track but apparently the fish are used to it and it doesn't disturb them!

Norman's wife Karen fishes too and on one occasion they landed a spectacular double, with Karen catching a 40 lb carp while Norman netted a 45 lb one, both at the same time. It was a rather tense moment as both fish were swimming towards each other and a tangle of lines looked inevitable, but they managed to keep the fish apart until they could land them. Once weighed, the fish are put back into the lake.

The largest fish Norman has ever caught was a 54 lb 12 oz mirror carp which he landed at La Roussy in France last September, using a Salty Squid pop-up bait which is very buoyant and sits just off the bottom of the lake. This is the fish Norman is holding on the front page of the newsletter.

Spending so much time by the water means that inevitably there have been one or two disasters and a couple of times Norman has had the river bank collapse under him and deposit him in the water, once in November which was particularly chilly. It hasn't put him off though, and he enjoys teaching young people to learn how to fish as well, including his son. The only thing you need to start with, he says, is a lot of patience!

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