GTL wrench helps to get bikes on the road

GTL wrench helps to get bikes on the road

Did you see GTL tools in action recently on BBC TV's 'Inside the Factory' documentary series? This absorbing episode featured our London-based customer, Brompton Bicycles, producer of 46,000 folding bikes a year. Presenter Gregg Wallace examined the entire process of building a Brompton bike which is made from at least 1200 parts.

Our TSN25 slipper wrench can be spotted ensuring that the forks and pedals are fitted properly at Britain's largest bicycle factory, where a bicycle comes off the production line every three and a half minutes. Brompton Bicycles also uses our TLS 1360 screwdrivers, Minor TLS screwdrivers, Rotary Torque Units, and Dremotest E calibration units.

We're delighted that our tools are helping to keep cyclists throughout the world on the road!

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