Label changes

Label changes

We are making a few minor changes to our GTL tool labelling system in order to make it clearer and more informative.

Currently, the labels we use on the top of the boxes contain the bar code, serial number and part number of the tool inside. The end label details the part number, date, description of the tool and our company name.

As from 10th July, the new labels will contain further information which we think will be useful to our customers and distributors.

The top labels will show the tool's part number, serial number and EAN code, plus a description of the tool and our full contact details. End labels will show the Gedore name, the date, and the part number and description of the tool inside. The pic on the right shows a new end and top label.

We still have a small number of products with the current label system. It is possible therefore that if you have a multiple order in the near future, you may end up with both types of label.

Private label tools will be unaffected.

As always, if you have any queries, contact us on and we will be happy to help.

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