MD Kieron Smith hits the road

MD Kieron Smith hits the road

In July, Torqueleader Managing Director Kieron Smith spent several days with Technical Manager David Broadhead visiting a number of manufacturing companies in the north of England which all use, or have expressed an interest in using, Torqueleader's market leading Capture calibration system. These firms included Rolls Royce Engines, Schneider Electrics, and two turbo charger companies, all of which David has been working with.

The purpose of the visits was to demonstrate the versatility and accuracy of the Capture units, and to go through the different requirements each firm has for this system. For example, one of the turbo charger companies was looking for end fittings for TBN wrenches, but found that none of the current range was completely suitable for its needs. Torqueleader is therefore working with this firm to come up with some customised end fittings for the specific purpose required.

Visits by David to firms in his sales area of the north of England focus on the careful matching of product and end user. This also involves feeding any concerns and suggestions back to provide information for future research and development. Hearing about customers' specific needs helps us to pinpoint areas we can focus on to improve even the smallest issue.

Following this useful northern trip, Kieron then spent several days on a similar journey round the south of England with Key Account Manager Matt Burman. This time the focus was more on assembly line tools.

One meeting was with ACRO, a firm which manufactures aircraft seats, and which was looking to enhance its assembly process by using tools from Torqueleader's TBN (pictured) and TSN range of wrenches. Kieron and Matt also visited Advanced Engineering, an air conditioning unit manufacturer. This firm was interested in a TBN service kit for field engineers for use during installation and servicing. The kit would be aimed specifically at the maintenance market, with end fittings for areas in air conditioning units which are difficult to access.

In Kieron's first year as Managing Director of Torqueleader, he is keen to get an overview of the whole sales process, and he enjoyed meeting a diverse cross section of customers and distributors.

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