Motorbikes and mud!

Motorbikes and mud!

Design Engineer Adam Gilham works on the research and development of GTL's tools. Outside work, however, he spends a lot of his spare time taking part in motorcycle trials.

He usually rides with a group of friends twice a month, and he belongs to two local clubs. His bike is a Beta Evo 290 cc which he's had for five months.

Adam is an experienced mountain biker, and also used to take part in Motocross, a form of off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits where you race directly against other competitors. Two years ago though, he took up trialling, which is also off road, usually in private woods or quarries, and is more of a question of precision over speed.

Trials are run on a points system, with different routes for different levels of ability, and the intention is to get round the course without putting a foot down. You get a point against you every time you do this, and a stall or a fall means five points. Obstacles on the courses include banks, logs, streams and rivers, rocks and some jumps.  The winner is the person who has racked up the fewest points over the course, which usually has around eight to ten sections.

There are four ability groups in trialling ranging from the lowest, yellow, through red and blue to white which is the highest. Adam has been riding in the red group, but is considering moving up a group after coming joint first in two recent competitions and also winning two fifth places.

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