No slips with Gedore Torque's slipping technology

No slips with Gedore Torque's slipping technology

One of Gedore Torque Ltd's unique selling points is the inclusion of its renowned slipping technology in the manufacture of wrenches and screwdrivers, and we'd like to explain a bit about it for those of you who may not have come across it before.

We have been using this expertise for many years, developed in-house with considerable investment in the testing of springs and cam profiles, and we know from customer feedback how valuable it is for all aspects of the manufacturing process.

For example, when you apply torque using a standard 'clicker' torque wrench, you rely on the click to tell you when torque value is reached. However, there's no failsafe mechanism, and problems frequently occur as even the most experienced operator can find it psychologically almost impossible not to over tighten, with all the safety and production issues which can occur as a result. In a traditional 'clicker' torque wrench, once the click is reached, it is no different from a regular spanner.

With Gedore Torque Ltd's unmatched slipping technology, however, costly errors like this are impossible to make. When optimum torque is reached, the tool slips so that the operator has no choice but to stop tightening. It's therefore a very user-friendly piece of equipment and no extra operator training is needed.

Another essential benefit is that slipping technology is non-length dependent, and the correct torque is applied wherever you hold the handle. Without slipping technology, these products are length dependent and the incorrect torque will be applied if the tool is held other than by the handle. Thus over-tightening protection and length independence are just two important features slipping tchnology provides.

We are aiming to expand the use of slipping technology in more of our tools as a result of customer demand. Last year our new TLS screwdrivers were produced with it, and our TSC and TSP ranges, which are currently being updated, will continue to benefit from it. You can even buy wrenches from us that reach 125 N.m which use slipping technology; the importance of correctly applied torque knows no size limits!

So if you want guaranteed reliability in your production process, look for the pictured logo which indicates Gedore Torque Ltd's slipping technology; you can genuinely trust our tools to tighten safely and with precision accuracy.

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