Product News

Product News

Work under way on the TLS screwdriver range

The TLS screwdrivers are some of our most popular and enduring products, going back over thirty years with numerous updates and improvements in between. In the latest range, the adjusting screw has been improved in order to give a more secure locking of the mechanism at the set torque value.

Also, as a result of customer demand, we are currently working on the production of a further enhancement to the range, which will be available in the first week of August. Currently all TLS screwdrivers are bi-directional, but this latest addition will be a one way model, only applying torque in one direction while locking in the opposite direction in order to allow the user to undo the application faster.

Improvements to the Capture system

There is a new feature on our popular Capture system, a fully integrated torque tool analyser . The display now has the option of clockwise and anti-clockwise torque measurement to allow for full traceability in both directions, as well as all the standard features. Our Capture manager software now has the added feature of anti-clockwise torque measurement recorded on the screen. Directional torque is also defined, and a further benefit is the deletion of erroneous readings during the calibration test.

Changes to TBN2 and TBN10 wrenches

These wrenches improve control of the fastening process by reducing the risk of both over and under tightening. Until recently the double positive lock needed two keys to make the adjustment, one to turn and one to lock. The improved adjusting mechanism only needs one key, so it's considerably easier for users to set the tool.


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