Product update

Product update

Product update - QTC torque calibration analyser

As you will already know, some of our own brand torque tool ranges are undergoing colour changes over the course of the year due to our rebranding as Gedore Torque Ltd. We will be keeping you up to date with each change as it occurs to ensure that you are aware of the exact timescale and whether it will affect the particular tools you buy from us.

The first of our products which we would like to tell you about is our QTC Torque Calibration Analyser, which as many of you will know is an almost 100% accurate workshop analyser ideal for rapid hand tool testing. The QTC will be rebranded as the DREMOTEST METER with immediate effect, although for a while you will be able to buy the product under either name.

The important thing to note is that the QTC and the Dremotest are absolutely identical products with the Gedore Torque stamp of precision and quality. The only difference is the colour, which is currently red for the QTC and blue for the Dremotest. From April, the red will be phased out and only the blue will be available. The photo shows the QTC on the left and the Dremotest on the right.

Both units are backed up by Gedore Torque's comprehensive after sales and recalibration service. Regular calibration for our tools is vital to maintain optimum performance to international standards. Our UKAS accredited service centre will calibrate your Gedore Torque tools accurately and cost effectively, and at a time which will best fit in with your production schedule.

If you'd like to know more about our calibration service, email

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