Torqueleader and Mountz - fifty years on

Torqueleader and Mountz - fifty years on

2015 sees the 50th anniversary of the founding of Mountz Inc, the leading California-based torque tool and metric fastener manufacturer, and the U.S. distributor of Torqueleader tools.

The relationship between the firms also goes back 50 years and is as strong as ever today, based on "open, honest communication, products which meet our market needs, and trust and confidence in each other's capabilities," according to Brad Mountz, President and CEO.

Mountz was founded in 1965 by Donald Mountz, (seen in photo with a dial torque wrench) whose background in U.S. and European industrial sales and commitment to customer satisfaction had given him the ambition to go it alone. Don was on a permanent mission to convince customers that 'using a quality torque tool makes a safer world through accuracy and precision' and that controlling torque was essential to product quality, a viewpoint also firmly entrenched in the Torqueleader ethos.

In 1998, Don's son Brad took over as President and CEO of Mountz. Brad had started his Mountz career in 1983 as a part time clerk/warehouse assistant/machine operator, and worked his way up through every department and in a number of positions to ensure that his eventual accession to CEO was purely on merit.

In the year of this significant anniversary, Torqueleader Talk caught up with Brad to get his views on another important US/UK 'special relationship.'

Brad says that there are three main factors which have contributed to his firm's international success. Mountz employees, who deliver on the business objectives and values, a passion for customer satisfaction, and an innovative product. He emphasises that 'a high quality torque tool is particularly essential for customers that have regulatory or liability-sensitive products or wish to gain a competitive advantage', and that Torqueleader products limit or help to control over torque of metric fasteners, for which Mountz is the leading specialist in North America. Mountz buys tools from the entire Torqueleader range, with the top selling product being torque screwdrivers. 'The consistency of the quality of Torqueleader tools is unsurpassed' adds Brad.

Mountz customers using Torqueleader tools include the aerospace and defence industries, both automotive and automotive sub assembly, electronics and white goods. Torqueleader tools are used by the defence industry to fasten scope and sighting devices to machine guns and rifles for NATO and U.S. military use, and Apple uses them in its Genius Bars as part of repair and rework to its mobile products.

Recalling the early days of the Torqueleader/Mountz relationship, nearly fifty years ago, Brad recounts a story told on many occasions by his father Don, who was paying a visit to the factory in Bramley from which Torqueleader still operates. Don and his British counterpart, the Managing Director at the time, Harold Caldershaw, were having a business meeting and a cup of tea in Harold's office. Harold was apparently a very proper Englishman in both manner and dress. In the middle of the discussion, however, Harold suddenly leapt up from his chair, grabbed a shotgun from behind his office door, pointed it outside the window and shot and killed a cock pheasant. "Got him, Don!" shouted Harold excitedly as he headed out of the door towards the neighbouring field to search for the bird. Don, who was also a game shooter, followed him on the hunt and, having retrieved the quarry, the two men later enjoyed the pheasant for dinner!

We haven't been told whether pheasant was on the menu at two very special events thrown by Mountz to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The firm held a barbeque for over 300 employees, customers and vendors at its facility in San Jose, California, on June 12th, and the next day there was a formal gala for employees and their partners at a venue in the hills overlooking all of Silicon Valley. A select number of international guests also attended, including Torqueleader's Sales and Marketing Director Bob Little, who said: "I was delighted to attend Mountz's anniversary celebrations on behalf of all of us at Torqueleader, both past and present, who have made a contribution to the close and productive relationship between the two firms. It's this personal contact which has helped to keep it thriving over fifty years, along with a good understanding of each other's expectations, clear communication and a very similar perfectionist mindset in the way we do business. It was great to see founder Don Mountz and his wife Lorna at the celebration dinner, where Mountz was presented with an award for outstanding achievement by the Mayor's office, and to witness the continuing success of the firm under Brad's equally inspiring leadership."

At this significant stage in the history of both Mountz and Torqueleader, Brad Mountz said "Torqueleader is a critical and strategic vendor for Mountz - the firm is an integral part of our hand torque tool product line and viewed by our customers as the premier torque hand tool producer in the world today. It is rare that any business relationship lasts fifty years. Torqueleader and Mountz share common values that have allowed the relationship to blossom and flourish despite changes in the market and management of both companies over our fifty year history. It is an honour for us to be connected to one of the world's premier producers of torque products. We expect our partnership to endure given the open nature of our relationship and respect we have for our mutual expertise."

All of us at Torqueleader wish our friends at Mountz a happy anniversary and look forward to the next fifty years of a very special business relationship.

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