Torqueleader provide tools to assist with Air Conditioning Installation

Torqueleader provide tools to assist with Air Conditioning Installation

Torqueleader offer a range of Tool Kits designed to give Torque Control for Air Conditioning Installation

Many of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment , in accordance with recommendations of  BS EN 378, are moving away from hand tightening to adopting the principle of torque control.

Torque settings information:

Refrigeration Pipe  Size          Gland              Torque
Imperial            Metric              A/F size          setting
inches               mm                   mm                  Nm
1/4                      6.4                    17                     16
3/8                      9.5                    22                     38
1/2                     12.7                   26                     56
5/8                     15.9                   29                     70
3/4                     19.1                   36                    100

This not only allows them to comply with the new European Directive but also to prevent failure due to connections being either under or over tightened.

Under tightening can result in leaks and over tightening can strip threads and crack components due to over stressing.

The European standard puts the onus firmly on the installer to use good practice and for manufacturers to give guidance on torque settings in their instruction manuals.

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