Torqueleader Torque Tools for RF/COAX and SMA Connectors

Torqueleader Torque Tools for RF/COAX and SMA Connectors

Torqueleader offers a range of Torque Tools that ensure the correct torque is applied in applications that involve RF/COAX and SMA Connectors.

The correct tightening of COAX and SMA Connectors used in RF cabling applications is essential to ensure optimum performance.

This is particularly important in high frequency applications using stainless steel or beryllium-copper bodies.

Coupling torque values of between 0.5 and 1.1 N.m are  recommended by the connector manufacturers.

Torque control is essential as over torque can damage the insulation, as well as the center contacts and ground mating surfaces. Under torque can result in an air gap in the insulator, or the center pin or ground-mating surface do not fully engaged.

TBN Breaking Torque Wrenches and TLS Torque Screwdrivers that can be used for accurately tightening COAX and SMA connectors, so ensuring that over or under tightening does not occur.

The TBN is used with an open ended spanner, while the preset torque screwdriver is used with a crowsfoot spanner to allow vertical access to places where conventional torque tools cannot be used.

These spanners are available to suit the standard sizes of all the major connector manufacturers.

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