Visit to Iran

Visit to Iran

You may have seen a photo on our website of Mr Ebrahimi and Mr Deljoo of Ebrahimi Trading Tools Co, our new Gedore Group distributor in Iran. Key Account Manager Simon Ogden recently returned from a visit there to ensure they had all the technical help and support and training they needed on the full Gedore Torque product range. Simon had a series of very useful meetings with both current and prospective customers, including a lunch meeting with representatives of IKCO (Iran Khodro Diesel, a manufacturer of commercial vehicles under the Mercedes Benz licence in both Iran and other countries, and a joint venture with Daimler AG). Gedore group products are well known and used at IKCO, including GTL's dial wrenches, TSN, TBN, and Ergo screwdrivers. Simon gave product presentations to the company's engineers and the Purchasing Department.

The picture on the front cover shows (clockwise from left) Mohsen Babei (manufacturing engineering expert at Iran Khodro Diesel, Simon, Mohammed Ebrahimi, owner of Ebrahimi Tools, Friso Dallheimer (International Sales Manager at Gedore), Tuna Cagla (Managing Director of Gedore Turkey) and Soroush Deljoo of Ebrahimi Tools.

Simon also met Mr. Khaghani (Division Manager Foreign Purchasing) of TAM, the engineering company of Iran Khodro Holdings. Simon was delighted to achieve the green light for a product presentation to a wider meeting of TAM engineers, and reported much interest in Gedore tools following the meeting.

Simon also met Mr. Hemmati (assembly shop method engineering expert) and Mr. Roghani (assembly shop engineering expert) at SAIPA, a manufacturer of cars with license for Nissan, Kia, some Chinese brands and own local brands. SAIPA produces around 500,000 vehicles a year, and uses GTL's dial wrenches, TSC/TSP and TLS screwdrivers.

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