Torque Tool Calibration Service - After Sales



  • Our Calibration services ensure that torque equipment operates to peak performance, providing absolute and consistent accuracy. It also ensures that any potential tooling problems are identified before they arise, hence ensuring that lifetime ownership costs are minimised.
  • Gedore Torque has a UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory, 0632 on site, capable of recalibrating most Hand Torque Tools, Analysers and Transducers in accordance with the International Standards. Click here for laboratory scope information or visit our quality page for more information on UKAS.
  • Gedore Torque in-house Calibration Service is available to ensure that your equipment is always in peak condition. Our bespoke cost effective Calibration service provides Gedore Torque Calibration Certificates, clear results, traceability to national standards and most importantly Torque Tools that are accurate, precise and performing to the highest of standards.  
  • For more information on our in-house or Torque Tool UKAS Calibration Services, whether it is our turnaround times, booking your torque tool in for repair or competitive prices please do not hesitate to email us or alternatively contact the Service centre on +44 (0)1483 892772.



  • Download the Sales Terms & Conditions PDF at the top of this page

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