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(Measuring and Calibrated Scale Tools)

  • Accuracy is the Torque Tools ability to delivery the torque to the joint as set on the tool’s scale, dial or digital display. This is usually expressed as a percentage of the target torque


(Measuring and Calibrated Scale Tools)

  • Resolution is the number of divisions that the tool’s full torque range is divided into. This can be displayed as decimal places on a digital display, number of divisions on a dial or graduations on a scale


(Preset Tools)

  • Repeatability is the tool’s ability to consistently apply the same torque in subsequent tightening operations. This is usually expressed as a percentage of the preset torque

ISO 6789:2003

The International Standard for Hand Torque Tools states:

  • The effective working range of a tool is from 20% to 100% of its maximum torque value
  • The accuracy requirements for Torque Screwdrivers is ±6% of reading and for Torque Wrenches is ±4% of reading or ± 6% for Torque Wrenches below 10 N.m
  • The maximum torque value for each square drive size
  • An overload ability of 125% of maximum torque capacity
  • A calibration interval of 5000 cycles or 12 months
  • Test and measuring procedures at 23° ±5°C
  • The maximum permissible uncertainty of measurement of the calibration device shall be ±1% of the indicated value
  • Scale and marking requirements
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