Torque Calibration


The Gedore Torque CAPTURE Hub is a latest addition to the Capture range of Calibration equipment. This portable & robust Torque analyser provides highly accurate and reliable measurement for Power Torque Tools (as well as hand tools) whilst incorporating an integrated Display and Sensor.For more information on our Torque Calibration Services and how it can assist you in your workplace please do not hesitate to contact us online via our enquiry form or alternatively call us on +44 (0)1483 894476.


Gedore Torque Capture Hub Torque Analyser    Gedore Torque Capture Hub Torque Analyser In Carry Case



  • Torque calibration equipment is used for the testing, calibration and recalibration of Torque tools. This ensures that Torque equipment operates to peak performance and guarantees absolute and consistent accuracy. It also ensures that potential tooling problems are identified before they arise, making sure that lifetime ownership costs are minimised. Torque calibration equipment is also used to predict the behaviour of fasteners and to recommend optimum torque.
  • As an alternative to purchasing calibration equipment, the Gedore Torque service centre offers a wide range of Calibration services. These can be carried out at our UKAS Accredited calibration Laboratory.



Torque Calibration equipment is based upon Torque calibration analysers, of which there are two basic types; Electronic and Mechanical.

Electronic Torque Calibration Analysers

Our modern range of Digital Torque calibration equipment is highly accurate, reliable and easy to use. It enables the user to download test results, test power tools, select different units of measurement and carry out calibration beyond the scope of mechanical calibration devices.

Mechanical Torque Calibration Analysers

Mechanical Torque analysers offers the user a low cost, robust and easy to use device, that's designed to set and calibrate low range Torque tools. These analysers will give many years of accurate and reliable service.





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