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CAPTURE Hub Torque Analyser

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Key benefits of the CAPTURE Hub

The Gedore Torque CAPTURE Hub is the latest addition to the industry leading CAPTURE range of calibration equipment. A lineside Torque analyser for production power tools, it provides highly accurate measurement (both clockwise & anti clockwise), as well as hand tools if required, and incorporates an integrated screen and sensor

  • Minimise investment, as the CAPTURE Hub is designed to be a standalone solution,or to integrate with customers' existing CAPTURE components as well as other industry standard nominal 2mV/V Sensors
  • Intuitive software design is similar to CAPTURE display,allowing existing CAPTURE users to be familiar with the architecture and new users to become productive quickly,with its easy to use menus and plug & play functionality
  • Comes supplied complete with In-house certificate which is traceable to international standards. Accuracy +/-1% of reading. UKAS Certification is available on request at an additional cost
  • The CAPTURE Hub can integrate with CAPTURE Manager PC software and users with extra sensors can plug them directly into the external port on the side of the hub. The unit can be mounted horizontally to meet the existing setups of customers
  • The design allows static laboratory use and mobile data collection using an on-board memory and rechargeable battery. This means that the system can be used as part of mobile calibration centre and also at the point of use. The data can be transferred to PC via USB connection
  • Work for longer between battery charges as the unit is fitted with an improved long life Lithium-ion battery and has a customisable auto power down mode
  • Easy to repair as the modular design allows for simple component replacement
  • CAPTURE Hub is supplied in a high impact plastic carry case to protect when not in use
  • The Hub can store 50 tools and 2000 readings
  • Calibrated range 10%-100% of capacity
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Order Code Model Range Drive


H x W x D mm

Weight Hole centres (mm)
036910 CH 1 0.1-1 N.m 1/4" 50 x 200 x 110 0.50 kg 56
036920 CH 2 0.2-2 N.m 1/4" 50 x 200 x 110 0.50 kg 56
037110 RF 2 Rundown fixture 0.2-2 N.m 1/4" 62 x 93 x 32 0.50 kg -
036930 CH 5 0.5-5 N.m 1/4" 50 x 200 x 110 0.50 kg 56
037120 RF 5 Rundown fixture 0.5-5 N.m 1/4" 62 x 78 x 32 0.50 kg -
036940 CH 25 2.5-25 N.m 3/8" 50 x 200 x 110 0.50 kg 56
037130 RF 25 Rundown fixture 2.5-25 N.m 3/8"  62 x 120 x 32 0.50 kg -

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