Torque Calibration

DREMOTEST E Torque Calibration Analyser

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Key Benefits of Digital Torque Testers:

Robust accurate Analysers ideal for rapid hand tool testing

  • Robust,accurate Torque calibration analysers that are ideal for hand torque tools covering a wide Torque range, in a workshop or repair environment
  • A comprehensive package at a competitive price compared to traditional Mechanical Analysers
  • Data management capability via a RS 232 output allows data to be exported to Hyper Terminal Software
  • Versatile Analysers offering Torque Tool checking with five models available covering a range from 0.2 to 3000 N.m
  • Long service life ensured by a simple lightweight design, backed up by a full Aftersales Torque Repair and Recalibration Service.
  • Accuracy +/- 1% of reading
  • To view the DREMOTEST range video click here
  • Full set of accessories- Drive adaptor,mains lead,connectors and certificate of calibration are included
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  Calibrated Range  
Order Code Model ISO Resolution Imperial Resolution Drive kg
2288311 DREMOTEST E 12 0.2-12 N.m 0.001 N.m 1.8-106 0.001 1/4" Hex M,3/8" Square F 2.6
1947699 DREMOTEST E 55 0.9-55 N.m 0.01 N.m 0.7-40 lbf.ft 0.01 lbf.ft 1/4" Square F,3/8" Square F 2.6
1856111 DREMOTEST E 320 9-320 N.m 0.1 N.m 7-236 lbf.ft 0.1 lbf.ft 3/8" Square F,1/2" Square F 2.6
1947702 DREMOTEST E 1100 90-1100 N.m 1 N.m 66-811 lbf.ft 1 lbf.ft 1/2" Square F,3/4" Square F 10
2529858 DREMOTEST E 3000 500-3000  N.m 1 N.m 369-2214 lbf.ft 144 lbf.ft 1" Square F 26
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