Introduction to Torque Measuring Tools


  • Torque measuring tools are used in the manufacturing and engineering industries to check, determine or apply the correct level of torque. They detect insufficient or excessive torque during the tightening of nuts, bolts and fasteners. This means they perform a critical role in the audit, inspection, production, quality control, research, development and servicing environments.
  • Torque measuring screwdrivers and wrenches determine or apply the correct level of torque, using a dial or digital readout. They enable the operator to read directly from the dial or readout as the torque is applied.


  • Torque Measuring Tools have a dial or digital readout. They can be a Torque Screwdriver or Digital/Dial Measuring Torque Wrench design. They enable the operator to read directly from the dial or readout as the Torque is applied.
  • The Gedore Torque range of Dial Measuring Torque Wrenches is designed to verify or monitor torque, in order to ensure process conformity, product safety and absolute reliability. After the dial captures the level of torque applied, integrated memory pointers ensure accuracy and ease of use. These durable and versatile tools can be used for maintenance, repair, quality control and assembly, whilst available at low cost. Please click on the relevant links below to read more and choose your specific dial measuring torque wrench: Dial Measuring ADS Torque Wrench, Dial Measuring BDS Torque Wrench and Dial Measuring CDS, DDS & EDS Torque Wrench.
  • The Torcotronic Digital Torque Wrenches provide highly accurate and controlled, bi-directional tightening, suitable for production, quality auditing, research & development and maintenance & repair applications. Built-in memory allows data to be digitally stored and downloaded to analysis software. A comprehensive range of accessories provided by Gedore Torque ensure accuracy across an even wider range of applications.
  • The Gedore Torque range of torque measuring screwdrivers is designed to evaluate and verify torque to ensure process conformity, safety and reliability. Lightweight materials allow the tools to be used by operators with mixed levels of skill and in a variety of settings, while their high quality and robust construction ensures long tool life. These low cost and versatile tools provide accuracy of maintenance & repair, quality control, research & development and assembly operations in all engineering and manufacturing environments. Take a look at our TT Dial Measuring Torque Screwdrivers which include a torque range between 0.1 and 5 N.m.
  • Torque can be measured as it is applied (Track mode) or when the maximum torque value has been reached (Peak mode).


  • Measurement. This is used to verify the Torque value of a previously tightened fastener. A clear mark is made on the surface of the nut,bolt or screw and continued onto the surface being clamped. This acts as a reference point. The fastener must then be untightened and then retightened until the marks are again in line. The torque value can then be read from the Torque Tool display.

  • Just Move Test. This test is used to determine the torque setting of a previously tightened fastener. Using a torque measuring tool, a tightening torque is applied to the fastener until movement is just seen or felt. This torque is deemed to be a good indication of the original torque applied to the fastener.

  • Break Loose Test. This is used for checking the torque applied to a previously tightened fastener. Torque is applied in the direction that loosens the fastener, at the point the fastener breaks loose, the torque is recorded. This value is an indication of the torque at which the fastener was originally tightened and is typically 20-30% lower than the tightening torque.

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  • A Gedore Torque TT Dial Measuring Torque Screwdriver in use to apply desired level of torque to a computer unit.
  • Gedore Torque TT Dial Measuring Torque Screwdriver

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