Torque Multipliers

More features, more innovation, more torque

New for 2017, the Torque Multiplier product range continues our proud 80 year tradition of engineering excellence and customer focus. Building on the success of the Torque Multipliers produced by the Gedore Group for the past 40 years, the new products set new standards for what can be expected from torque tools. At Gedore, we are committed to design and manufacturing innovation. That’s why we believe that the new Torque Multiplier range is a worthy addition to the world’s most advanced range of torque tools and most importantly to your business.

Help your business achieve more with the GTL Torque Multiplier

A Torque Multiplier enables a single torque wrench to achieve a wider range of torque output, accurately and consistently. As a result, every torque wrench has the potential to be more versatile and more productive. For users, this has a whole host of benefits:

  • A single tool can now be used for a wider range of applications

  • Fewer tools need to be carried around

  • Smaller torque tools can be used in confined spaces

  • Lighter tools can be used in difficult working conditions

For your business, this all adds up to reduced inventory costs and increased speed and productivity resulting in overall improved torque.

Design and manufacturing innovation

Lighter housing and gear unit.

The housing is 30% lighter than other torque multipliers but is just as robust and durable. The new ceramic-Teflon® coating enables minimum device lubrication which means that, unlike conventionally lubricated torque multipliers, there is no decrease in performance when outside temperatures are colder.

Non-destructive overload protection.

40-550RS models are equipped with a patented non-destructive overload safety mechanism. The basis of this extra feature is a highly-dynamic, pre-tensioned slip-coupling which triggers with a clearly audible acoustic noise as soon as the maximum permissible input torque is exceeded.

Certified safety.

Every torque multiplier is supplied with a calibration certificate. This guarantees absolute accuracy and enables bolting operations to be implemented at a high level of torque precision.


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