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Key Benefits of The Cordless Torque Wrench

The Gedore high-torque cordless torque wrench delivers accurate torque, wherever you need it. This powerful tool is capable of generating precise torque up to 6,000 N.m, without slip coupling and impact mechanism 

  • The Gedore Cordless Torque Wrench is available as a straight (LDA series) or angled (LAW series) version
  • The powerful lithium ion battery means that the tool can be used independently and flexibly at great heights or in confined spaces. Once the battery is fully discharged, you can switch to electrical operation with the optional hybrid set
  • The powerful lithium ion batteries operate for twice as long as nickel-cadmium batteries. What’s more, they operate with uniform peak performance until they are fully discharged
  • Built to a high standard of precision, to ensure accurate torque application, everytime, reducing the risk of over or under tightening
  • The soft-grip of the motor unit sits comfortably in the hand, non-slip and fatigue-free, due to the gear centre of gravity. The battery can be inserted from two sides. The braked 360°-rotating drive unit prevents any injuries to the operator when used in confined spaces
  • Patented microprocessor electronics increase and regulate the battery voltage.This increases the running time of the battery and maintains the torque at a constant level. This allows the tightening torque for each bolting operation to be precisely maintained and ensures stable torque accuracy over the entire discharging cycle of the battery
  • The microprocessor prevents gear damage when loosening hard bolted connections. An active release function ensures that the wrench automatically releases after work is complete
  • The LDA and LAW series both come complete with a machine reaction arm cranked, two lithium ion batteries, a battery charger, tool case, operating manual and factory calibration certificate
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Order Code Model N.m min/max lbf.ft min/max Max RPM Drive Kg
39100.000 LDA-05 90-500 60-370 46 square34b 3.3
39140.000 LDA-07 120-700 80-520 29 square34b 3.9
39190.000 LDA-12 200-1200 150-890 20 square34b 3.9
39250.000 LDA-15 250-1500 180-1110 15 square1b 5
39350.000 LDA-22 300-2200 220-1630 10 square1b 5.6
39450.000 LDA-32 400-3200 290-2360 7 square1b 6.1
39500.000 LDA-40 500-4000 370-2950 5.5 square1b 6.1
39550.000 LDA-60 700-6000 510-4430 3.5 square112b 7.8
39191.000 LAW-12 200-1200 150-890 20 square34b 5.2
39361.000 LAW-22 300-2200 220-1630 10 square1b 6.9
39461.000 LAW-32 450-3200 340-2360 7 square1b 7.3
39561.000 LAW-40 500-4000 370-2950 5.5 square1b 7.3
39571.000 LAW-60 700-6000 510-4425 3.5 square112b 9.1

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