Torque Multipliers

Torque Multiplier LKV-12 (Range covered 50-1300 N.m)

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Key Benefits of Torque Mulitipliers

The new Gedore LKV12 series is the smallest Torque Multiplier in our range and can fit into a pocket. Despite its size, this lightweight and rugged tool enables existing torque wrenches to deliver a wider range of torque output, accurately and consistently. The LKV series of Torque Multipliers sets new standards for design,innovation and quality

  • With an LKV12 Torque Multiplier, a single torque tool can be used for a greater number of applications. For the user, this means more flexibility, fewer tools to carry around and enhanced capabilities from smaller and lighter tools, for confined or difficult working conditions 
  • The LKV12 is particularly suited for use in workshops, for maintenance and as an on-board tool in utility or construction site vehicles
  • Built to a high standard of precision, to ensure that your torque tools operate to their full capabilities
  • Small, lightweight and portable. Can be used with confidence by operators at any skill level. Easy and quick to assemble. Clear output calculations. Low operator input results in higher output
  • Existing tools can be used for additional applications,meaning enhanced capabilities,reduced inventory costs and increased productivity. Valuable when working in confined spaces and difficult working conditions, because of its small size plus the ability to use lighter and smaller torque tools
  • Not only is the unit small, but it also uses lean, high-performance aluminium housing which is 30% lighter than standard steel housing. This improves operator comfort and ease of use. The total weight of 1.9 kg delivers the best torque-weight ratio available
  • Increased speed and productivity are achieved by the use of existing torque wrenches. Decreased bolting time preventstightening failure and associated costs. A high level of torque is achieved from a low level of input
  • Drop-forged reaction arm with lock on function, made of light chrome vanadium steel alloy for durability, stability and performance. It is equipped with an offset reaction arm and can be retrofitted with a straight reaction arm
  • An integrated overload safety mechanism protects the gear unit, by ensuring that the square drive has a pre-determined breaking point. The square shears if overloaded and is easily replaced
  • Planet gear unit with ceramic-Teflon®-coated tooth flanks enables minimum device lubrication, meaning that there is no decrease in performance when outside temperatures are colder. This also means that the tool can be stored in a vehicle in a stable transport case
  • Supplied with an individual Gedore calibration certificate
  • Integrated return safety for CW/CCW rotation and safe operation
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Order Code Model N.m max lbf.ft max N.m min/max lbf.ft min/max Ratio Drive Kg
2653370 LKV-12 270 200 50-1300 40-950 1:5 square34b 1.3

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