Special Extension Spanners & Adaptors


Accessories to complement the Dial Measuring Wrench Range

Special Extension Spanners

  • Where design or space limitations preclude the use of a dial wrench and a standard nut socket, special extension spanners can be manufactured to allow access
  • See illustrations for typical examples. When ordering these special attachments, please supply the following information:

(A) Square drive size
(B) A/F size of spanner end
(C) End type - Ring, Open or Flared
(E) Centred distance between the square drive and the spanner end fitting
(T) Maximum Torque to be applied

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Other BDS

CDS Models

DDS Models

EDS Models
  mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in
Dimension L 190 7.5 368 14.5 445 17.5 635 25 850 33.5 1727 68
Due to the low torque ranges and high accuracy it is recommended that Models ADS 4 & ADS 8 should not be used with extension spanners
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Adaptor Model 16mm Spigot German 9x12
Cavity Fitting
Wedge Fitting
Ratchet 3/8"   1/2" 3/8"   1/2" 3/8"   1/2"
Ordering Code A96102  A96103 A96112  A96113 A96122  A96123

Extension Adaptors for ADS and BDS Wrenches

  • Gedore Torque Extension Adaptors offer an alternative method of overcoming space and access limitations when using ADS and BDS Dial Measuring Torque Wrenches. The Adaptors enable the use of a wide range of end fittings with 16mm Spigot, 9x12 German and Wedge fixings. Each type of Adaptor is available with either a 3/8” or 1/2” female square drive and is easily fitted to the wrench male drive.
  1. Attach the end fi tting to the extension adaptor
  2. Fit the assembly to the wrench square drive, taking care that it is “in-line” with the wrench body axis
  3. Measure and note distance ‘E’ from centre of end fitting to wrench square drive


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