Special Projects

Custom Torque Tool Kit Designs

Key Benefits of Custom Tool Kit Designs:

Tailor made to meet your torque application needs


  • A wide range of our specialist Tool Kit needs can be met using Gedore Torque's Custom Design Service. This draws upon our experience and expert engineering skills to produce bespoke tools to meet the most exacting of application requirements
  • Tool Kit versatility can be ensured by the use of a mixture of Gedore Torque and outsourced tools to meet your particular specification
  • To meet operational needs, Torque Tool Kits can be supplied in bespoke tool cases and foam cut outs. These can range from standard for use in normal working environments to high performance cases for use in harsh operational conditions


Custom Torque Tool Designs

Key Benefits of Custom Torque Tool Designs:

Tools to overcome specific operations needs


  • To meet the wide range of performance criteria required from the modern Torque Tool, Gedore Torque can offer a full design service to match your operational requirements with a range of innovative tool designs and appropriate materials
  • Operational integrity is ensured by the tried and tested Gedore Torque tool designs and technology to produce bespoke engineering solutions


Private Label Torque Tools

Key Benefits of Private Label Torque Tools:

Your Company branding on our quality Torque Tools


  • Our custom design service can create a complete Torque tool kit, tailor-made to meet your application needs
  • As well as enabling you to carry out the best possible job,private label tools can also provide you with a more enhanced professional image
  • A full design service is available for custom label tools that use a variety of materials,component design,tool labelling and custom tool certificate
  • Cost effective own branding has been made easier by the use of our modern 3D CAD systems,laser engraving machines and custom label manufacturing technology
  • Please note: Private label projects are subject to minimum quantities

For more information on our Special Torque Tool Projects or Torque Wrenches and Torque Screwdrivers please do not hesitate to contact us online via our enquiry form or call us on +44 (0)1483 894476.

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