Torque Screwdrivers

Torque Screwdriver TT Dial Measuring

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Key benefits of TT Dial Measuring Torque Screwdrivers:

Versatile Torque tools perfect for any manufacturing environment


  • The TT dial screwdriver is designed for torque evaluation and torque verification, in order to ensure process conformity, product safety and absolute reliability

  • Unique memory function enables these tools to carry out the Just move and Break loose quality auditing tests

  • TT Dial Measuring Torque Screwdrivers have an overload protection system using a unique positive contact mechanism for a low risk of tool damage

  • The dial provides efficient measurements in metric & Imperial units in both directions, delivering flexibility and minimising tool investment

  • High quality, robust construction means a long tool life. Further guaranteed by a two year warranty

  • Accuracy +/- 6% of reading

  • ISO 6789 Classification 1D

  • Accessories available

  • T bar is not included with the TT Screwdriver Range

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  Calibrated Range  
Order Code Model ISO   Imperial   Drive mm g
017400 TT 50 FH 10-50 cN.m 2 cN.m 14-70 ozf in 2 ozf in 1/4" Hex F 178 190
017500 TT 100 FH 20-100 cN.m 4 cN.m 28-140 ozf in 4 ozf in 1/4" Hex F 178 190
017600 TT 250 FH 50-250 cN.m 10 cN.m 4-20 lbf in 0.5 1/4" Hex F 250 465
017700 TT 500 FH 100-500 cN.m 20 cN.m 8-40 lbf in 1 1/4" Hex F 250 465
  • Maintenance and Repair / Aerospace Maintenance and Repair / Aerospace
  • Quality Control / Aerospace Quality Control / Aerospace
  • Maintenance and Repair / Electronics Maintenance and Repair / Electronics
  • Quality Control / Electronics Quality Control / Electronics

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