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Key benefits of Slipping Torque Tools:

Inbuilt Gedore Torque slipping mechanism ensures incorrect tightening is impossible.

  • Versatile torque limiters that allow conventional hand and power tools to be easily converted into torque tools

  • Accurate process control assured by eliminating under and over tightening due to the proven Gedore Torque slipping technology

  • Hand tools for higher torque applications can be converted into torque tools using a range of heavy duty torque limiters

  • Suitable for a wide range of potential applications

  • Simply install the RTU to the end of a traditional power tool or hand tool to convert 

  • Powered assembly applications can be performed quickly and accurately, including the tightening of bottles,caps and lids

  • RTU 14 is the latest revision to the range of Rotary Torque Units (RTU) Dynamic Torque Limiters. The all new RTU14 provides versatility and for the first time provides a one way action

  • Repeatability +/- 6% of reading

  • ISO 6789 Classification 2F

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Order Code Model N.m Speed Input Drive Output Drive
018100 RTU 170 (SILVER) 20-170 cN.m 1.8-15 0-500    
018120 RTU 170 HEX  (SILVER) 20-170 cN.m 1.8-15 0-500    
018200 RTU 450  (SILVER) 1-4.5 N.m 9-40 0-500    
018220 RTU 450 HEX  (SILVER) 1-4.5 N.m 9-40 0-500    
018300 RTU 1000  (SILVER) 4-10 N.m 36-88 0-250    
018320 RTU 1000 HEX  (SILVER) 4-10 N.m 36-88 0-250    
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For more information on our new RTU models that feature below please visit the downloads tab above for our Catalogue page on our Torque Limiters

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019100 RTU 1 (BLUE) 0.1-1 N.m 0.9-8.8 0-500 RPM
019200 RTU 4  (BLUE) 0.6-4.5 N.m 5.5-39.8 0-500 RPM
019400 RTU 14  (BLUE) 2-14 N.m 18-123.8 0-125 RPM
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