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Industrial Torque Wrench BIW Adjustable Breaking

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  • Application of Torque with the Industrial Adjustable Breaking (BIW) Torque Wrench in action
  • Industrial Adjustable Breaking (BIW) Torque Wrench

Key benefits of Industrial Adjustable Breaking Torque Wrenches:

These tools function to the most stringent and exacting requirements,even in the toughest conditions

  • The BIW Industrial Breaking Torque wrench has been designed and precision engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding industries and toughest working conditions. This includes the automotive,bus & truck,chemical,energy and nuclear industries, as well as major construction and engineering projects
  • A visible micrometer style scale allows the user to adjust the tool quickly and easily to their desired torque setting,enabling a range of different Torque settings to be applied
  • Accurate process control is ensured by reducing the risk of under and over tightening, due to the unique breaking technology
  • High quality,durable and robust design, construction and materials ensure absolute accuracy,continuity of use and a long tool life, hence minimising tool replacement and downtime costs
  • At any setting these tools are guaranteed to deliver the correct torque every time with absoloute and repeatable accuracy. Accurate results to +/-4% can be expected,even in the toughest conditions
  • These tools are tested to the requirements of ISO 6789 and are supplied with a calibration certificate and storage case
  • All-steel construction and corrosion-resistant finish
  • ISO 6789 Class 2F
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Order Code






L x W x H

Output drive

3022854 BIW 700 150-700 N.m 100-500 lb.ft 1250 x 100 x 60 3/4"
3022862 BIW 800 200-800 N.m 150-600 lb.ft 1250 x 100 x 60 3/4"
3022870 BIW 1000 300-1000 N.m 200-750 lb.ft 1470 x 100 x 60 3/4"
  • Maintenance and Repair / Automotive Maintenance and Repair / Automotive

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