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Torque Wrench 50V Insulated Preset

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Key benefits of Insulated Preset Torque Wrenches:

Tools which eliminate the risk of incorrect tightening where safety is paramount

  • These Insulated Torque Wrenches are designed to minimise the possibility of incorrect tightening in low voltage applications up to 50V as these tools incorporate either Gedore Torque’s breaking or slipping mechanism. These tools have been precision engineered to provide absolute accuracy and user safety during electrical assembly and maintenance
  • The small and compact design combined with the totally insulated body is ideal for use in restricted spaces where there are electrically live components and is easy to use for operators
  • Designed for use in low voltage and other battery applications where protection up to 50 volts is required. Double layer nonconductive PVC insulation provides protection against low voltage shortening
  • Eliminates the possibility of product failure due to shorting,arcing or other electrical damage
  • Repeatability +/- 6% of reading for TBN 2 & 10 Torque Wrench models
  • Repeatability +/- 4% of reading for TSN Torque Wrench models
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Order Code Model ISO Imperial Drive mm g
011108 TBN 2 50V 0.4-2 N.m 3.5-18 1/4" Square M 105 170
011208 TBN 10 50V 1-10 N.m 9-89 1/4" Square M 105 170
011062 TSN 25 D 50V 5-25 N.m 4-18 lbf.ft 1/4" Square M 220 400
011072 TSN 25 A 50V 5-25 N.m 4-18 lbf.ft 3/8" Square M 220 400
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