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Key benefits of Preset Breaking Torque Wrenches:

Robust production tools which reduce the chance of over tightening and are compatible with interchangeable end fittings

  • These TBN Breaking Torque Wrenches improve control of the fastening process by reducing the risk of both over and under tightening.  This is achieved by Gedore Torque’s unique breaking mechanism, which gives the operator more time to react once the target torque is reached
  • Maximises productivity in restricted space applications through their compact slim line design
  • Minimises tool replacement and downtime costs through a long lasting durable design proven by Gedore Torque’s rigorous lifecycle testing process
  • Helps maintain production output by minimising operator fatigue through the ergonomic design
  • The TBN range of torque wrenches is available with a variety of end fitting styles. Electrical Switch (Sw) version is also available to interface with a PLC etc. View Switch Operated Signal System

Gedore Torque also offer Torque Wrench models with a lower torque value as well as Torque Wrench Adaptors.

  • Accuracy +/- 4% of reading
  • ISO 6789 Classification 2C
  • These tools are designed and manufactured to exceed the requirements of ISO 6789
  • Accessories available (end fittings & adaptors)
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Order Code Model ISO Imperial Drive mm kg
050000 TBN 25 5-25 N.m 4-18 lbf.ft 16 Circle M 265 0.41
050010 TBN 25 G 5-25 N.m 4-18 lbf.ft 9x12 Square F 265 0.41
050100 TBN 65 10-65 N.m 7-48 lbf.ft 16 Circle M 302 0.75
050110 TBN 65 G 10-65 N.m 7-48 lbf.ft 9x12 Square F 302 0.75
050200 TBN 135 25-135 N.m 18-100 lbf.ft 16 Circle M 408 1.03
050210 TBN 135 G 25-135 N.m 18-100 lbf.ft 9x12 Square F 408 1.03
050300 TBN 200 40-200 N.m 29-147 lbf.ft 16 Circle M 520 1.40
050310 TBN 200 G 40-200 N.m 29-147 lbf.ft 14x18 Square F 520 1.40
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